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Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

Product Code : EM-10200

MOQ: 5000 Units Indications: Do not bite/boil the probe Do not spill chemical solvents on the unit Keep the thermometer out of reach of children Wipe the thermometer clean before storing Do not store the thermometer in direct sunlight Directions: Turn thermometer on by depressing the push button Now carry out the measurement by placing the thermometer through Oral/Axillary/Rectal. Now remove the thermometer after hearing beep sound Temperature will be displayed on the screen Finally switch of the thermometer and wipe the thermometer with the dry cloth before putting it back into the hard case Benefits: Easy to read temperature Faster than normal/mercury thermometer High accuracy rate Does not use mercury No risk of breaking hazards Features: Convenient: Easy to read LCD Display Quick: Takes just one minute to measure body temperature Accurate: ± 0.1°C. Range of measurement: 32°C-42°C ±0.2°F. Range of measurement: 89.6°F-109.4°F. Alarm: Approximately 10 seconds sound signal when peak temperature is reached Memory: Recall last measured reading Auto Shut Off


Digital Thermometer

Product Code : EM-10417

Digital Thermometer – Rigid/Flexible Tip Rigid Tip / Flexible Safety Tip SGS Belgium NV, notified body 1639 Range: 32.0°C-42.9°C (89.6°C-109.2°C) Accuracy : (+/-)0.1°C(+0.2°C)

Commercial Grade Infrared Thermometer Forehead

Commercial Grade Infrared Thermometer Forehead

Product Code : EM-10199

Response Time: 0.5s Accuracy: (+/-)0.2°C ((+/-)0.4°F) Operating Range: 10-15cm Charging Method: USB or 5V DC (18650 Li-ion) Standby: 1 week China Infrared Thermometer

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