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Vitamin K1 Injection

Product Code : EM-10392

Specifications Product Name : Vitamin K1 Injection Strength : 5mg/1m Pack Size : 1 x 10 amp\n\n


Vitamin B Complex Injection

Product Code : EM-10393

VITAMIN B COMPLEX INJECTION provides the water soluble vitamins and sterile solution for intramuscular or slow intravenous injection comprised of vitamins ,which are essential to carbohydrate and fat metabolism, as well as for protein synthesis. Specifications Product Name : Vitamin B Complex Injection Strength : 2ml Pack Size : 1 x 10 amp


Vitamin B12 Injection

Product Code : EM-10396

The treatment for vitamin B12 or folate deficiency anaemia depends on what’s causing the condition. Most people can be easily treated with injections .Find the most comprehensive real-world treatment information on Vitamin B12 Injection at Eternal mark Specifications Product Name : Vitamin B12 Injection Strength : 1mg/2ml Pack Size : 1 x 10 amp


Vitamin D3 Injection

Product Code : EM-10397

Our Vitamin D3 Injection is used to treat and prevent certain problems that happen with long-term kidney dialysis, such as low levels of calcium or high levels of parathyroid hormone. Injections are currently made by Our medical professionals into muscle Specifications Product Name : Vitamin D3 Injection Strength : 60000IU Pack Size : 1 x 10 amp


Vitamin C Injection

Product Code : EM-10398

Vitamin C is essential for a number of basic body functions, including the health of the skin, bones and teeth.Eternal Mark Vitamin C Injection works by both providing ascorbic acid and reversibly and helps in inducing cell repairing and natural collagen production . Specifications Product Name : Vitamin C Injection Strength : 500mg/5ml Pack Size : 1 x 10 amp


Amoxicillin Sodium Injection

Product Code : EM-10399

Amoxicillin sodium Injection works as an antibiotic that is basically used in treating variety of bacterial infections such as lungs and airways, middle ear, sinuses,etc. This medicine is not recommended for treating a common cold, flu, or other viral infections since it is not effective in treating these viral infections . Specifications Product Name : Amoxicillin Sodium Injection Strength : 1g/7ml Pack Size : 1 x 10 amp


Ampicillin Sodium Injection

Product Code : EM-10400

Ampicillin belongs to a class of medications called penicillin, it works by killing bacteria. It is used to treat infections effected to lungs, blood, heart, urinary tract & gastrointestinal tract . Ampicillin injection will not work for cold, flu’s and other infections caused by the virus. Specifications Product : Ampicillin Sodium Injection Strength: 500g/7ml Pack Size:1×10 Vials


Streptomycin Sulphate Injection

Product Code : EM-10401

Streptomycin sulphate Injection is an antibiotic that is broadly used as the primary treatment for tuberculosis, a disease that mainly affects the respiratory system, and other infectious diseases which affect the brain, the respiratory system, and the inner tissues of the heart. Specifications Product : Streptomycin Sulphate Injection Strength: 1g/10ml Pack Size:1×10 Vials


Ceftriaxone Injection

Product Code : EM-10402

Ceftriaxone injection is an antibacterial drug that is used to treat various health conditions such as respiratory tract condition, skin infection, urinary tract infection, pelvic inflammatory disease etc. It is given by injection only into muscle or vein. Specifications Product : Ceftriaxone Injection Strength: 1g/10ml Pack Size:1×10 Vials


Cefotaxime Powder Injection

Product Code : EM-10403

Specifications Product : Cefotaxime Powder Injection Strength: 1g/10ml Pack Size:1×10 Vials


Crystalline Penicillin G Injection

Product Code : EM-10404

Specifications Product : Crystalline Penicillin G Injection Strength: 1mega/7ml Pack Size:1×10 Vials


Fortified Procaine Penicillin Injection

Product Code : EM-10405

Specifications Product : Fortified Procaine Penicillin Injection Strength: 1mega/7ml Pack Size:1×10 Vials


Hydrocortisone Sulphate Injection

Product Code : EM-10406

Specifications Product : Hydrocortisone Sulphate Injection Strength: 100mg/7ml Pack Size:1×10 Vials


Vitamin K3 Injection

Product Code : EM-10407

Specifications Product Name : Vitamin K3 Injection Strength : 25mg/2ml Pack Size : 1 x 10 amp


Vitamin B2 Injection

Product Code : EM-10395

Eternal Mark Vitamin B2 Injection is a high potency injectable multi-vitamin for use in the relief of B vitamin deficiencies and to provide supplemental nutritional an plays extremely important role in the maintenance of healthy, glowing skin. Specifications Product Name : Vitamin B2 Injection Strength : 10mg/2ml Pack Size : 1 x 10 amp


Vitamin B1 Injection

Product Code : EM-10394

Thiamine plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids, and in energy production for all cells. Eternal Mark B1 injection is used to treat or prevent a lack of thiamine (deficiency) when the form taken by mouth cannot be used or would not work as well as the injection. Specifications Product Name : Vitamin B1 Injection Strength : 100mg/2ml Pack Size : 1 x 10 amp


Benzathine Benzylpenicillin Injection

Product Code : EM-10408

Specifications Product Name : Benzathine Benzylpenicillin Injection Strength : 2.4 mega, 12ml Pack Size : 1 x 10 Vials

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